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Workplace First Aid

Workplace first aid covers an large genre of first aid topics. Below is a complete list of first aid certificates and subjects that can be taught in nurseries and schools; GP practices; office and warehouse based workplaces; companies with employees ranging from 10 -1000; pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants; the list is endless. One of the key aspects Ascent First Aid prides itself on is its quality of training and specialising their courses for the group infront of them. Have a look at the courses below and see which one is best suited for your workplace.

First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work

The first aid at work course is a 3 day course that covers a large range of topics. It is suitable if you have a larger workforce of around 50 + or a potentially hazardous workplace.

First Aid at Work Re-qualification

The first aid at work re-qualification is a 2 day course designed for those who have undertaken the 3 day course previously and can requalify for the first aid at work certificate. A good course to keep on top of as it saves both time and money.

Emergency First Aid at Work

The emergency first aid at work is the 1 day course that is suitable for smaller low risk working environments enabling the first aider to give emergency first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while at work or if anyone is looking to gain a basic knowledge in workplace first aid.

AED Training with Basic Life Support

This course is suitable for groups who are looking to update their CPR skills and learn how to use or re-train in the use of an AED.

Anaphylaxis Training with Basic Life Support

This course is suitable for groups who are looking to update their basic life saving skills and learn what anaphylaxis is and what its triggers are; safe use of an auto-injector and how to treat someone going into anaphylactic shock.

First Aid for Schools

First Aid for Schools (staff inset day)

Excellent if you would like your teachers and staff to have a certificate in first aid focusing on the main illness and injuries found in the school environment.

First Aid for students

A course designed with students in mind. This course can run during school hours or after. Ascent First Aid has trained students leaving for secondary school, six form, college, university, part of the D of E award, and for P.E courses.

Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid

The Paediatric First Aid course is suitable for anyone working with or caring for infants and children. It is great if you have to manage everyday occurrences when looking after infants and young children and this course is approved by Ofstead, meeting its requirements.