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Sports first aid emcompasses a wide range of skills and techniques taught in first aid. One of the main courses delivered by Ascent First Aid is the two day Pitchside Sports First Aid course along with the one day Sport, Exercise, and Fitness course. One of the key aspects Ascent First Aid prides itself on is its quality of training and specialising their courses for the group infront of them. This can be quite important when looking at sports courses and making sure the course is designed to meet the groups expectations. With that in mind, have a look at the 2 courses we deliver below where we can aim the courses at your chosen sports.

Sport, Exercise, and Fitness First Aid – 1 day

Sport, exercise, and fitness is a one day course based around training candidates up in basic life saving skills based in a sport, exercise, and fitness setting. The idea behind this course is to give a solid understanding on how to save lives, manage an incident within their profession, and to be able to assess the casualty and deciding if they should return to activity. Clients are normally coaches at sports clubs, staff members at gyms, and fitness instructors.

Pitchside Sports First Aid – 2 days

Pitchside sports first aid is an extensive course covering a wide range of skills including subjects such as return to play decisions, gum shield removal, head and neck immobilisation, incident management, and detailed look into building a first aid kit. Ususal candidtes include colleges and universities and sports clubs and schools. Both students, teachers, players, and coach’s attend. We sometimes get ask if students can train with teachers, and players with their coach’s. Ascent First Aid would recommend this as it allows more confidence to grow within the group knowing who is trained and to what standard.