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Group Booking Form

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Group Booking Form

Name of course organiser (required):
Email address (required):
Contact phone number (required):
Company name (required):
Invoice details:

We only send electronic invoices. Please provide your organisation details and a contact name and email address to send the course invoice to.

Course paperwork:

We may need to send course paperwork directly to your venue. If we do, please could you provide details of the person who will receive it and who will ensure that it is available for the trainer on the day of the course.


Following the course who should the course certificate be sent to and at what address? If it is individual addresses, we can also do this if this is prefered. We will gain individual addresses from the registration forms completed on the course.

What date is the course (prefered)?:
Course timings:

Please confirm timings that have been discussed. If it has not been discussed yet, please contact Ascent First Aid at The default start time is 9.00am

Course (required):

If you have chosen to select the ITC certificate in Outdoor First Aid (SQA) course would you like the attendees to receive the additional Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificate? There is an admin fee of £20 per additional certificate.

Additional EFAW ceritificate required?:

If YES, please provide names of all attendees who require additional EFAW certificates. If all please write “All”.

Who is attending the course?:

Tell us about your group so that we can make the course as relevant as possible.

Approximate group numbers?:

Please note, that unless otherwise arranged, the group maximum is 12)

Please note:

A specific number of contact hours are required in order to be able to award first aid certificates. If attendees arrive late and these contact hours cannot be met they will be turned away by the instructor. This is also written in the pre¬course information that will be sent to you to be distributed to your attendees.

I understand that late arrivals will not be able to attend


Venue Details

Venue Address (please provide address):
Please check which of the following, if any, are provided:
Screen/blank wall


Flip chart

Tea and coffee making facilities

None of the above

For the training venue we need to have a room that can fit a maximum of 12 attendees not just to sit but to roll around safely for practical training.

I confirm that the training room provided is suitable.


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