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Outdoor first aid courses are the main speciality of Ascent First Aid. Ascent First Aid have designed and delivered for groups all around the UK including expedition companies and their leaders and participants; D of E providers, teachers, and students; Forestry workers and arborists; Leaders and guides; Ecologist companies work nationally and internationally; Friends heading out on expeditions.

All courses that are delivered are researched and designed to meet the standards set out by the various National Governing Bodies such as MTA, BCU, and BASI to name just a few.

Which course is right for you?

The best way to find out what course is best for your group is to see where you may be heading, to what envrionment you will be exposed to and to what activities you may be apart of. Without clicking on different courses and hoping you select the correct one, have a brief read below to see which one may suit your company, team, group the most.

Outdoor Emergency First Aid – 1 Day

This is great if your workplace may take you out into the field within the UK. A good example are ecologist or forestry companies where the chance of injuries in the outdoors are possible yet you are not in remote locations. Examples include work within parks or wildlife studies within farmers fields.

Outdoor First Aid – 2 Days

This course is the go to course for an overall view on outdoor first aid. It’s main focus is first aid in an outdoor setting yet not placing you within a remote environment. This course goes into details about outdoor illness and injury with a focus being that you are in the UK outdoors. One of our more popular courses it is chosen by schools for D of E teachers and students along with trekking groups and university clubs.

Expedition First Aid – 2 Days

The expedition first aid course develops on the Outdoor First Aid course. Its focus is that you are heading out on expeditions across the world and focuses on issues that can arise from being in remote locations. This course looks closer at subject such as catastrophic bloodloss, altitude illnesses, underwater illnesses, foreign illness and diseases, plus an indepth look in how to build a first aid kit to match your expedition. This course has been used by friends travelling around the world, expedition companies, and schools.

Forestry Emergency First Aid (EFAW+F) – 1 day

If your workplace demands an emergency first aid at work certificate this course delivers just that. The forestry section focuses on illness and injury suffered while working such as catastrophic bloodloss, electrical injuries, and heat illness.

Forestry First Aid at Work (FAW+F) – 3 days

Similar to the course above but more in-depth giving participants a comprehensive 3 day first aid at work certificate. The focus is the same but more time allows further study, training, experience, and scenarios allowing for a better first aider.