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Forestry First Aid at Work

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Forestry First Aid at Work

This course is suitable for any candidate looking to gain the Forestry First Aid at Work certificate. This FAW+F course is based on the recommendations from the Forestry Commission,

17. Working with the principle of matching skills to your possible accidents/illnesses, for those working out on sites we recommend Managers/contractors source training that can be delivered with a forestry context (ie sites remote from medical aid and where limited help will be available).

With the above in mind, taken from the First Aid at Work – Forestry Commission Policy, Ascent First Aid has set out a course that would be relevant to those working in a Forestry environment where they will not always be easily accessible to emergency services.

For: Companies and groups looking to gain the a comprehensive 3 day Forestry First Aid at Work certificate within their working environment. Chosen by most companies as it incorporates the 3 day First Aid at Work course but specifically designed to cover areas more relevant to the workforce in the forestry industry.

Course timings: 3 day course. 18 hours + contact. 9.00am-4.00pm (inc. breaks and lunch)

Course Contents:

  • Incident management
  • Scenarios based upon areas of work and potential injuries and illnesses
  • Basic life saving skills – ABC’s + safe airway position + CPR + AED + Choking
  • Secondary survey’s – Physical and verbal examinations of casualties including casualty monitoring
  • Bloodloss – minor and major
  • Catastrophic bloodloss – use of haemostatic agents and tourniquet training
  • Shock
  • Head, neck and spine injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Upper and lower limb injuries – Sprains and strains, limb immobilisation and support
  • Burns
  • Hot weather conditions
  • Crush injuries
  • Electrical injuries
  • Bites and stings
  • Common illnesses
  • First aid kits – how to build your own + where to source equipment
  • Further reading
  • Online access to course resources (coming soon)

There is a chance to develop the course further for group specific requests and information.

Assessment: Assessment is through continuous assessment over the day during the First Aid at Work Re-qualification course. There is no written questionnaire paper.

Certification: All successful candidates will receive the following certificates upon passing:

  • Forestry First Aid at Work

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