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Anaphylaxis training with Basic Life Support

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Anaphylaxis training with Basic Life Support

One of the key aspects Ascent First Aid prides itself on is its quality of training and specialising their courses for the group infront of them. If you are looking for a requalification course but geared towards your industry get in contact with Ascent First Aid.

This course is suitable for anyone looking to update their CPR skills and learn what anaphylaxis is and what its triggers are; safe use of an auto-injector and how to treat someone going into anaphylactic shock. Great for those who may want to have an annual recap in basic life saving skills with an emphasis on anaphylaxis and would like staff, students or colleagues trained up for safe use. This course can also be added to other courses such as the Emergency First Aid at Work course and the AED Training with Basic Life Support to add additional training to your group.

Course timings:  4 hours contact time. Day example: 9.00am to 13.00pm or if at school we can easily fit it in around a working school day 9.30am to 3.30pm (inc. breaks and lunch) or even after school hours.

Anaphylaxis Training Course Contents:

  • Life signs
  • What triggers anaphylaxis?
  • How to recognise anaphylaxis.
  • Familiarisation with medication.
  • How to treat anaphylaxis and use of auto-injectors (including Jext; Epi-pen and Emerade).
  • Incident management (primary survey)
  • Airway management – SAP (Recovery position)
  • CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  (Adult and Child)

Assessment: Assessment is through continuous assessment over the contact hours during the anaphylaxis training. There is no written questionnaire paper.

Certification: All successful candidates will receive the following certificates upon passing:

  • Basic life support and Management of Anaphylaxis

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