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Ascent First Aid Ethos

Ascent First Aid has been delivering courses since 2014 with development from some of the best trainers in the industry. Ascent First Aid was brought to life by Luke Searle-Evans who strives to develop his knowledge and that of his team to deliver the best and most up to date information to every candidate. The team at Ascent First Aid is a small but experienced team with great knowledge of first aid skills and abilities. Our aim is to offer quality without loosing site of our objectives of delivering fun, effective, and memorable courses.

At Ascent First Aid we believe that everyone and anyone should have the opportunity to learn first aid no matter what sector they work in, where they live, or what hobbies they pursue. It’s because of this that no one course is a like and each course will be tailored to the needs of its candidates.

Luke Searle-Evans

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